Uchenna Dance fuses African, House, Waacking, Vogue and Contemporary dance to create our own signature style that simply is, UCHENNA. Each production is designed to take both the artists and audience on their own personal journeys.

The company’s professional repertoire includes:

  • The Head Wrap Diaries – Mixing dance, theatre and storytelling with a good sense of humour in a fusion of House, Waacking, Vogue, African and contemporary dance
  • Our Mighty Groove – An immersive-interactive dance theatre production that transports you to a New York underground House Club
  • Life After – A personal perspective of how music can be used as a tool to ease the pain and suffering felt after the passing of a loved one
  • What Is Woman? – A piece that reflects and projects the notion of femininity and how it is embodied within a multicultural society
  • Moving Solo – An exploration of the body and its dynamic qualities whilst in motion

Now playing: Moving solo

The Head Wrap Diaries is Touring

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